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Chapel closed for major renovations. Reopens November 2019.

Father Graham PP and Father Harkin CC greet Woodvale foreman Dessie Brennan to start major Chapel renovations.

Fathers Graham and Harkin plant a tree to mark start of Chapel Renovations.

Experts carefully remove Tannoy Speakers used to broadcast Angelus since 1970s.


Jamie and Tom ponder the start of renovations to Lavey Chapel.


Lexie carefully raises equipment to Gary Rouse Scaffolding squad

To enlarge click on above photo

Paul and Joe stop by to see scaffolding by Gary Rouse Ltd at Lavey Chapel.

Team Woodvale carefully recover old altar stone from Lavey Chapel for repairs and relocation.

 The workers.

James and Tom deliver old altar stone to Colm at Ardmore Stone Ballymacpeake for repairs.

Toyota Amazon comes to Lavey.

Drone photos by Dermot. Click to enlarge.

Father Eamon Graham PP Lavey at the Cross of Lavey Chapel.

Father Eamon Graham PP (Right) and Dessie Brennan Foreman Woodvale inspect the Cross of Lavey Chapel Co Derry.

Father Graham PP climbs scaffolding to Cross, but is it month of May or June ? - click on link for more.

Click on Cross below for expanded view.

Fr Eamon Graham PP, Dessie and Liam at the Cross of Lavey Chapel.

A Balloonist views renovations progress.

Paul prepares hay before Cemetery Sunday.

A ray of light reflects upon this congregation.

Altar for New Graveyard collected from Colm in Ballymacpeake.

Team Woodvale assisted by John and Gerard (Maghera Memorials) and Tom, place old Altar in New Graveyard ready for Cemetery Sunday.(Click photo to see video).

Gloria in excelsis Deo" (Latin for "Glory to God in the highest"

The removal of plaster board from the altar wall of Lavey Chapel has revealed this line from the famous Christian hymn. Father Graham PP points to the print. Notice that the windows also had a line design to enhance the contours of the winows. A knotted rope design is also revealed behind where old altar was.

Father Graham PP and some members of Team Lavey check current progress of the ongoing major renovation of Lavey Chapel.

PP and Team

New Cross placed beside altar in New Graveyard.

cross ngy lavey

croos ngy lavey ireland

lavey cross ngy

Click photo below to see video of cross installation.

cross team lavey

First slates removed from chapel roof.

Paul starts removing slates over the Old Sacristy. (Click to enlarge)

lavey sacristy roof

Construction team safely recover Lavey Chapel Cross.

(Person on far right is a passing tourist.)

Lavey Chapel Cross recovered

A view inside the Chapel roof. A member of our congregation was already in residence.

A day at Lavey Chapel. Click to play video.

Cemetery Sunday 2018. Video Click here.

What is this strange machine ?

Its a concrete pumper.

Team Woodvale, Erne Pumping and MC McCann lay new Sacristy foundations.

Behind the wall plaster and below the ground of Lavey Chapel.

Cleaning of Chapel stonework begins.

Papal Flag on Chapel marking Pope Francis Irish visit 2018

Father E Graham PP checks security of Papal Flag.

Father E Graham PP arrives in his new car to check Chapel progress.

I wonder what colour the diesel is ?

September 2018 Chapel progress.

The results of the cleaning of the chapel stone and sandstone by Clarke Restoration is not easily seen due to the chapel being cloaked in scaffolding tubes and planks. Up to 4 men usings kangos, grinders and steam cleaners have managed to reveal the beauty of the black stone face of the chapel along with the beautiful sandstone surrounds and edgings.

These men are currently working at rear of chapel and cannot be seen from road.

A new team arrives today to start the windows.

Welcome Alpha Stained Glass.

Roofing Team Paul McCorry inspect the roof in preparation for coming spire. Notice the bird's nests hidden until now in roof.

Frankie points to where roof of sacristy meets rear windows.

Notice the new foundation laid for new sacristy and porch. Scaffolding has been added in last few days in order to continue cleaning of stone and roof slates.

All this work continues daily and mostly out of sight.

The Spire arrives, the roofing begins


Now watch us fix this roof.

Ready for liftoff tomorrow


Dont forget us, we have been working on the stone walls.


The last time this view below was seen was in in 1873.

This roof truss is in good condition and rests on the main church structure.

The spire base sections will be located either side of this truss.


Videos of mobile crane lifting spire base sections to chapel roof 2nd November 2018.

Carpark View - Crane lifts spire base onto Chapel roof.

CCTV View - Crane lifts spire base onto Chapel roof.

Dormers take shape on chapel roof.

Meanwhile 'New Sacristy' rebuild continues with matching stone.

Chapel roof reslating continues

Team Brendan, Emanual and Dermot are slating the roof of Lavey Chapel.

New Barge Boards

Dessie, Paul and err, "staff", install new barge board.

First snow for Chapel Renovations.

Chapel Progress February 2019

Chapel Dormers new glass fitting


Donnelly Transport brings Spire to Lavey Chapel

The Spire - PP Fr Eamon Graham

The Team

Spire Base Section placed

Spire is hoisted unto Chapel roof.

Time lapse video of Spire installation on roof of Chapel April 2019.

Skyhawk - Woodvale video of Spire installation

PP Fr Graham points the way.

Main Door sandstone building starts.

Brian Danny Paul build sandstone door.

Seamus starts fitting gas heating system.

Roof Trusses painted with grain effect.

Renovations Information Evening.

Road ducted for carpark lighting.

Drone photo from William J.

Concrete arrives for retaining wall.

Danny removes hedge after careful check for wildlife.

Main Door stone and roof near completion.

Steel beam for new gallery moved into chapel

Latin Inscription Main Door - Steelwork new gallery in background.

Beautiful workmanship above main door.

New Gallery takes shape.

Work continues at Lavey Chapel despite lightening storm

Lightening flashes while Danny and Richard work.

Old Cross returns to Chapel August 2019ad

Drone photos by William J

PP FR Graham and Maurice place Cross.

Maurice recalls his brother Sean placing this cross in 1961.

Chapel Cross up close by Dessie

Danny and Richard unearth old teapot, still warm and tasted good.

Chapel Gate Pillars move begins

Pillars last moved by Fr Regan PP in 1985 as marked on stone below.

The Photo below (1985) shows from left, Fr P Regan PP, Fran Magill and stone mason Tommy Rankin with old stone found in pillar

Main Door frontage takes shape

Chapel inside renovation work steadily continues.

Chapel stone gets a Torc blast wash.

Workers keep an eye out for Dessie.

Which one is the TV aerial Liam.

A new view appears in photo below thanks to a kind woodcutter.

Historic day - First time Stained Glass fitted to Lavey Chapel windows.

PP Fr Graham, Apha Glass Team and Noel.

Click on photo below to enlarge

Lavey Chapel Stained Glass Windows


Chapel floor tiling has started (Kieran)


New outdoor steps in progress

Saint Joseph's Altar safely returned and fitted.

St Josephs Altar Lavey

Paving Team expertly lay new main door feature.



Lighting now in operation at Lavey Chapel.

Chapel Lights


Please note that as the inside of the chapel takes shape only limited photos of the interior will be published until the new chapel opens for everyone to see.



Chapel reopens November 2019.