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Chapel closed for major renovations. Reopens June 2019 ad.

   Father Graham PP and Father Harkin CC greet Woodvale foreman Dessie to start major Chapel renovations.

Experts carefully remove Tannoy Speakers used to broadcast Angelus since 1970s.

Lexie carefully raises equipment to Gary Rouse Scaffolding squad

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Paul and Joe stop by to see scaffolding by Gary Rouse Ltd at Lavey Chapel.

Team Woodvale carefully recover old altar stone from Lavey Chapel for repairs and relocation.

 The workers.

James and Tom deliver old altar stone to Colm at Ardmore Stone Ballymacpeake for repairs.

Toyota Amazon comes to Lavey.

Drone photos by Dermot. Click to enlarge.


Lavey Chapel

Interior Saint Mary's Chapel Lavey Parish

Lavey Chapel from top of Christmas Tree 2014ad