Suaimhneas Siorai da bhfuil curtha anseo 2008 ad

(Eternal rest to all who are buried here)

Name Townland Date
Barney Birt Dreenan 7th May
Margaret McCloy Dreenan 7th May
Francis (Frank) McGill Mayogall 12th May
Ann Scullion Broagh 29th May
Pat McCann(FP) Broagh 30th June
Patrick Henry(Son of PJ) Ballydermot 8th August
Philomena Hughes (nee McPeake) Rocktown 16th August
Philomena Ward (Nee Diamond) Rocktown 24th August
Mary McGahan (Nee Diamond) Coalisland/Ballymacpeake 3rd September
JP McNamee Mayogall 16th October
Tommy Shivers Rocktown 7th December
Annie McKee(Nee McPeake) Curdian 12th December

 Beannacht De le hanmain na marbh

(God's blessing on the souls of the dead).