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Covid-19 (Corona virus) public advice


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Lavey Parish Covid 19 Precautions October 2020. Click to open statement in PDF format.



Young people explore connections of economy, ecology, faith




Parish Bulletin (PDF Version here)


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Chapel Mass Camera best viewed directly here at Itech Media


View Mass Webcam and read the Missalette



Parish Webcams - Dual View - Lavey Greenlough



Sisters of Bon Secours



Biden quotes priest's hymn 'On Eagle's Wings' in victory speech



Called to religious life: A brother’s vocation story




The Catholic roots of Halloween, the Vigil of All Saints' Day


heavenly court



Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - Mexico


Dia de los Muertos about more than the 'bread of the dead,' bishop says


Interview on YouTube with Antonia Acutis mother of Carlo Acutis who tells us about his life


Carlo Acutis, Computer Programmer beatified 10 October 2020 Assisi.


Carlo Acutis. Credit: carloacutis.com.



The Sacred Heart


Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop


Daily Gospel



Church leaders to ask Taoiseach to lift ban on public Masses


Church leaders to ask Taoiseach to lift ban on public Masses


World Mission Sunday

18th October 2020


Sister Marie Catherine is dedicating her life to the marginalised in Niger, West Africa


New stained Glass windows at Our Lady's Altar blessed by Fr Graham PP 17th October 2020 ad.


Our Ladys Altar Lavey Chapel Derry Ireland Fr Graham PP


Our Ladys Altar Lavey Chapel Derry Ireland Fr Graham PP



The souls of the young are being 'stolen' warns Pope


The souls of the young are being 'stolen' warns Pope



Archbishop Eamon Martin calls for a Family Rosary Crusade against Covid-19 during October




Holy land Pilgrimage Experience


Nothing prepares you for the experience of a Holy Land pilgrimage


Catholic social teaching has values the world needs, Dominican says



Site of Jesus's miracles may have moved over time - The Jerusalem Post




New stained glass fitted at Our Lady's Altar.

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Fr Graham PP Lavey Parish, blesses Statue of St Therese Friday 2nd October 2020 ad.


Saint Theres St Marys Chapel Lavey Co Derry Ireland Fr Graham PP


Alpha Glass install stained glass at Virgin Altar Thursday 1st of Octor 2020 ad.


St Mary's Chapel Lavey Co Derry Ireland Stained Glass Windows Alpha Glass Derry 

John, Mickey and Fran (RIP) plant potatoes in Parochial grounds for Fr Regan PP 1980s. This is the small field behind the bus stops.

spuds lavey derry ireland parochial house


Confirmation 2020



View Chapel in Virtual Reality - Follow Arrows.



This Sunday's Missalette in pdf format


First public Mass as restrictions eased. 5th July 2020



Tasteful new hand rail fitted at Graveyard (Woman's Door) Porch.



Primary 7 Leavers 2020




First Communion Mass Lavey.




The 6th Station from Lough Derg was streamed live from the Chapel on May 30th 2020 at 3am.




Lavey Chapel Derry Diocese Co Derry Ireland 


Knock Shrine - Online Pilgrimages



Lough Derg Pilgrimage



Irish Famine remembered


Famine Eviction







Defibrillators near Chapel


A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it's an essential part in trying to save the life of someone who’s in cardiac arrest


Play School



St Brigid's Primary School




Lavey Chapel Co Derry Ireland 


Phil's Daffs brighten the road to Lavey Chapel


Lavey Chapel St Marys Mayogall Derry Ireland Daffodils



Saint Corona Pray for us - The Tablet Newspaper


St Corona, pray for us


Best Saints to pray to during a Pandemic - Catholic Herald


The best saints to pray to during a pandemic


1919 parochial Insurance Document - with thanks to Denis Broderick.

Oh Mary this London's a wonderful sight

Lavey Chapel St Marys Mayogall Derry Ireland irish policeman accordian london britain

Saint Charbel Makhlouf unites Christians and other faiths

Image from the Shrine of St. Charbel. Credit: Hannah Brockhaus / CNA.


Parish Bulletin Bulletin Extra Bulletins 2019

Parish Webcams - Ireland plus USA/UK/Canada




DVD of Church Renovations and Reopening Mass by Jim Kerr Photography.

Drone and Multicamera Mass Footage.

On Sale at Chapel this Sunday, £20 sterling

Or Contact Parish Office (028 796 42458)


lavey chapel dvd renovations


New York Priest Niall McDonagh Story on rte


Colm Flynn and Niall McDonagh


Snow arrives on new Chapel Feb 2020

lavey chapel snow co derry 

Saint Blaise. Believed to have saved Dubrovnik.

St. Blaise Church in the heart of Dubrovnik


You may recall this photo of big bale silage making in Mayogall with the new Chapel and Spire in background. Young farmers, Ben, Eamon and Edward who made these bales, recently showed me coloured stones found after the bales were fed to their cattle. These pebbles have probably come from the graves in the nearby churchyards. Owners have recently had to take measures to prevent birds from taking them for whatever reason and then dropping them in the local fields.

lavey chapel silage tractor round bale

Sample of stones found in round bale silage.


Important Parish Dates Calendar 2020 - click for pdf version.

Calendar Donate Lavey Chapel Derry Ireland Renovation 

Poor Clares of Galway release song called 'Calm the Soul'.

Sr. Consilio Fitzgerald, the founder of the Cuan Mhuire addiction treatment centres, launched the song for the Poor Clares.

Click to hear and see song on YouTube


Parishoners have noticed some curious marks and a plate along the bottom edges of our Chapel since the intensive renovation cleaning  of the stonework.

Apparently these are called benchmarks and are to do with Ordnance Survey but are no longer in use. I will leave the reader to do the usual google searches for more info.

The first is at the entrance gate to the Chapel at the corner where apparently a stairway led to an underground store ( So I am told)


The second is a metal plate bearing the letters OS and BM with the number 3578. It is at the East side main altar corner near the distinctive Fr O'Kane grave at the roadside.

The parish does not have any info or history about when these were placed on the chapel.


Venerable Nano Nagle - Presentation Sisters


Santa checks his smart phone for any plum jobs.

Cutting your own hair - try these clippers


Penitential Service Sunday 22nd December 2019.


Catherine McAuley - Sisters of Mercy


Catherine McAuley


Sunday Mass in new Chapel 15th December 2019 ad

Final Sunday First Mass, 8th December 2019, in Mayogall Hall before Chapel re-opening.


Chapel Renovations, Photographic record of works and reconstruction 2018 2019.


PP hoists Papal Flag at Lavey Chapel 2019.

New Stations of the Cross arrive at Chapel 2019.

Distinctive Rebellion in Lavey - Greta strikes 2019.

Mexican Priest dispenses Holy Water in unorthodox way.

Image result for holy water dispenser

Stations of the Cross were donated to Lavey Chapel by Omagh Convent. Stations were made by Franz Mayer Germany.



Some interesting members of congregation at Mass Friday 2019.

Mass AOH Hall Halloween

Chapel pre 1961

Old photo of Chapel above kindly donated by Marie Downey.

Click on above photo for more info.

PP Fr Graham and Parishioners, gather to say the Rosary at the Grotto in the Old Graveyard 2019.

Grotto Rosary lavey derry ireland

Grotto Rosary lavey derry ireland

Fr Graham, Alpha Glass Team and Noel at fitting of stained glass windows 2019.

Click on photo below to enlarge.

lavey chapel derry ireland stained glass windows

Facebook Comments

Hurling USA 

Lightening flashes during Chapel work 2019

Adobe pdf reader software for pdf files - click here


Chapel Renovation Costs & Information Evening - pdf file. Now history as Chapel re-opened Sunday 8th December 2019

Brief History of Lavey Chapel - Thanks to Fr Regan & J Moore.




Vatican Saint Peter's Square Webcam

Knock live webcams

Greenlough Chapel Webcam

Parish related Videos and Photos - Click Here.

Parish Bulletins 2010 - 2011 era

St Brigid's gets new septic tank 2019.

lavey chapel derry ireland school

Can you spot Slemish in this vista.

lavey chapel derry ireland school slemish mountain

Above Drone photos by WJ Convery.

Pupils from St Brigid's Primary present a cheque for nearly £1000 to PP Fr Graham towards the Chapel Renovation Fund. School Principal Mary O'Kane and staff organised the end of school year Mass 2019.

lavey chapel derry ireland school brigid

Father Graham PP dedicates new altar stone to all people including children buried in unmarked graves in the graveyards of Lavey Parish The altar stone belonging to the late Father Regan PP has also been placed in the recess in the graveyard altar. Dessie Brennan, Woodvale foreman assisted the installation. 2019.

lavey chapel derry ireland altar stone graham regan

lavey chapel derry ireland altar stone graham regan

Father Regan's altar stone presentation case.

lavey chapel derry ireland altar stone father patrick regan

lavey chapel derry ireland altar stone father patrick regan

Holy Communion 2018.

Lavey Holy Communion 2019 derry ireland

Confirmation 2019

Lavey Confirmation 2019 derry ireland

Easter Sunday 5 am Mass Parochial House 2019.

lavey chapel derry ireland easter parochial house mass

Good Friday Stations at Cross New Graveyard 2019.

lavey chapel derry ireland stations good friday

Saint Brigid's Primary School.

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