My Childhood & Adult Years At Dreenan School

I have many recollections of my childhood days at Dreenan Public Elementary School. The principal then was Miss M Boyle and her assistant was Miss T Mooney.

Returning again as a teacher to the same school, in the early sixties, I found that very little had changed, as regards to the building. The only addition was an entrance porch from which separate doors led to each classroom.

In 1962 on the resignation of Mr P Breen I was promoted to the Principalship the assistant being Mrs M McErlane . On her retirement Mrs G Laverty joined the staff. After two memorable years there, news came that changes were taking place. Father James Maguire told us that `Dreenan` would be closed. All the pupils would be transferred to a new primary school in Mayogall. So on June 30th 1972 the key was turned for the last time on the old Seat of Learning.

I have fond memories of all the children I taught at Dreenan. They were a pleasure to teach and I wish each one of them every happiness and blessing. To those members of staff and pupils sadly no longer with us, I remember you all.

Philomena Diamond (nee Henry)

Pupil June 1929 - 1936

Teacher 1960 - 1972