My Memory of Dreenan School

From where I lived it was two to three miles distance. One way to get there was past George Riddle’s another past William Downing’s, also I could go via Hessie Downey’s, but it didn’t matter which way we went it was still through fields and over drains, and wet or dry we still had to go.

The school as I remember was about one and a half storey high, divided in two.

Miss Mooney taught in one room- infant classes. Miss Boyle took the older children. Miss Mooney’s room had an open fire, while Miss Boyle had a stove which never drew, "always smoking".

I was not at school everyday, I can remember being kept at home on a Monday and Tuesday, which were two dry days. A friend and I both returned on a wet Wednesday, to be told by Miss Boyle "that the rain brings out the worms"

Another occasion a boy arriving late at school, was told, "the roll is called" "that’s alright he said if I am too late for school I will be in time for Bellaghy Fair".

Jim Morgan

RIP 2018.