Teaching in Dreenan School

My teaching career started in Dreenan School in Autumn 1957 and, on reflection, it seems as if those days were always Summer time. Looking back through the mists of time, my memories are vague, but people and children seem to have made a lasting impression.

The Rankins immediately spring to mind - Felix and Tommy (RIP). They were so very willing and supportive of everything in connection with the school. They had such a pride and interest in its welfare, it could truly be said that the school was an extension of the Rankin Family.

Another person of great presence and serenity was Rev. Fr. Maguire P.P. His was not a ready smile, but when he did smile I felt that all was not lost! Under the leadership of Mr J Brown and later Mr P Breen, the smooth running of the school was assured.

Unfortunately, not all of the childrens’ names come to mind, but the following seem to be indelible: Arthur O’Neill, Jacinta Duggan, Antoinette Grant, Lucy Hamill, Bernard and Leo McPeake, the Boyle sisters, the McKee family and, from the master’s room, there was Marie Celine Kane (niece of the Rankins) who in being so helpful lived up to the family tradition.

Having experienced many years in teaching since 1957, I can look back to Dreenan school and see it as being the place where teaching was a pleasure, discipline was no problem, and youth and enthusiasm were my greatest assets.